Our successful collaborations demonstrate the value gained when executives rely on Bioscience Valuation’s assessments, valuations, and advice.

Asset Valuation

A biotech company prepares itself for an IPO in the USA. The complex procedure that also involves the SEC requires a valuation that can be defended in a thorough due diligence process.

The company’s senior management chose Bioscience Valuation for its long-standing and well-known valuation expertise.

Commercial Assessment

A ‘top 20’ multinational pharmaceutical company asked us to perform commercial assessments for their in-licensing candidates. The client expects comprehensive analyses, adhering to the company’s highest quality standards.

Our assessments free up the client’s resources to focus on decision making and internal communications.

Implementation of Value-driven Project and Portfolio Management

A leading ‚top 25‘ pharma company wanted to review its portfolio of R&D projects and to implement an effective portfolio management process. Bioscience Valuation analyzed each project and consolidated the results reflecting various portfolio perspectives, such as, e.g., value and productivity, risk, and resource and capacity demands. Furthermore, the pipeline characteristics were investigated and pipeline gaps identified.

Based on this analysis projects were prioritized to maximize portfolio value, also considering the company’s risk preference and optimum capacity and resource utilization. This effectively increased the company’s overall value.

In addition, Bioscience Valuation supported the company to implement a sustainable portfolio management process that involves all relevant functions and ensures a consistent analytical process across all projects.

Risk-adjusted Resource Allocation
in R&D

A ‘top 15’ pharmaceutical company wishes to advance forecasting of resources, considering R&D attriton rates by indication and various other variables.

We implemented a stepwise adjustment approach to benchmark attrition rates that allows a more detailed resource planning, with improved resource utilization.


One of the largest Indian worldwide supplier of pharmaceuticals was in merger discussions with one of the ‘top 20’ pharma companies. Besides its generics business the Indian company was also engaged in R&D.

Bioscience Valuation supported the Indian company in assessing the value of its R&D pipeline and in communicating the value to the partner’s senior management team.


A leading Southern-European company was searching for in-licensing opportunities. Bioscience Valuation (BSV) screened the worldwide pharmaceutical markets in a comprehensive and systematic way.

Bioscience Valuation identified promising drugs that were EMA-approved and ready to get marketed; BSV drafted the term sheet and supported the negotiations. Bioscience Valuation’s client licensed the drug that is now distributed in the local market.