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The newly introduced SPAC-Index of FCF Life Sciences opens up new funding opportunities for biotech companies.

Download the paper ‚2021: The year of the SPAC?‘ (German article) to find out more.

Excel with your own project valuation and financial deal term assessments.

Bioscience Valuation’s state-of-the-art valuation model facilitates your performing your own valuation assessments and sensitivity analyses, be it for a piece of technology, project, product or the company. Download our flyer, Be Empowered By Our Valuation Models.

The recent US-NASDAQ-100 index is at 8.1, clearly above the long-term average of 4.1. In order to compete, European biotechs should elaborate on their value propositions and invest in capital market communication. Work with us on your value story and let us demonstrate asset value.

Download the paper „The only way is up …?“

Partner with us, a global leader in evidence-based evaluations.

Download our flyer, Optimize Your Drug Portfolio to see how you can maximize your pipeline value, solidly valuate each individual asset’s development strategy and commercial potential including associated risks, or perform a best-practice systematic portfolio review.

Bioscience Valuation earned significant reputation for quantitative assessments of biotech/pharma projects and for creating unique equity stories.

Download the paper ‘Creating unique equity stories’ and get to know our approach that has been successful to attract potential strategic and financial investors.

If you are particularly interested in Achieving High-Value Deals, our flyer with this focus is just right for you. You may find some ready answers and be inspired to check with us.

Have you considered the benefits of Outsourcing License Assessments? This flyer introduces us, a global leader, as your partner for evidence-based scientific, commercial and value evaluations. We would be happy to discuss with you in person.

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Read what our Founder & Managing Director, Dr. Joachim Greuel, has to say about making R&D and commercial risks identifiable and manageable. Find out about how our wide range of services, especially the Bioscience Valuation Approach, can become useful and meaningful for you. Read how highly our clients think of us.