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We offer all services and analytics required to evaluate life science assets.

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As the biotechnology industry matures, the drivers of valuation are evolving: the premium on quality science is continously rising while expectations for excellence in commercial execution are skyrocketing.

BSV´s business practice has mirrored the evolution of the sector. Much of our work involves assessments to support fundraising and licensing for early-stage science companies. We have assisted companies with high-quality preclinical assets or Phase 1 assets, and we are proud of our track record of supporting successful transactions for such companies.

At the same time, we provide strategic and financing advice to later-stage companies that face both sophisticated strategic counterparties and increasingly complex and challenging capital markets. We also have been involved in acquisition work for larger biotechnology companies.

In today’s highly competitive market, effective life cycle planning could be the trigger that offsets increasing drug development costs and revenue lost from patent expiration of successful drugs. Many biopharma companies either do not sufficiently focus on life cycle planning or start too late. Companies that take a strategic approach to life cycle planning can identify innovative opportunities with potential to generate significant long-term value and build greater patient and prescriber loyalty to their brands.

Given the challenges to consistently innovate in drug research and the clinical risks associated with drug development, it’s imperative for biopharma companies to maximize the value of every product by institutionalizing an effective life cycle management approach.

Most countries and jurisdictions have a licensing body to determine whether to approve a drug for the treatment, prevention, mitigation cure, relief or diagnosis of a specific indication.

Indications can impact the pricing of medications through indication value-based pricing. Since drugs can be used for different indications, this form of pricing would set different prices for each indication based on the value the drug offers.

In addition to its services, BSV offers clients to license some if its proprietary valuation programs for their own use.