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We offer all services and analytics required to evaluate life science assets.

Commercial Assessments & Pharmacoeconomics

Bioscience Valuation’s Assessment of Commercial Opportunity covers

  • in-depth analysis of disease market, standard of care and medical need,
  • definition of target product profile (TPP),
  • forecast of incidence and prevalence,
  • detailed analysis of competitors (launched and in development),
  • a pharmacoeconomic assessment,
  • determination of a product’s optimal price range and likely market share,
  • if required, primary market research,
  • sales forecast until patent expiry


An early Pharmacoeconomic Assessment

  • determines a drug’s incremental cost – effectiveness ratio (ICER) based on its TPP,
  • shows whether a TPP needs improvement to ensure cost – effectivness,
  • supports management in determining a drug’s market price that will likely get reimbursed.