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We offer all services and analytics required to evaluate life science assets.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management informs resource allocation and project prioritization decisions. In value-driven portfolio management, financial assessments that integrate strategic, commercial and R&D variables (among others) are the core of a comprehensive portfolio analysis.

The advantage of a value-based assessment is that decision-makers receive information absolutely crucial to investors: the expected return on investment.

Bioscience Valuation’s assessments produce recommendations that maximize portfolio value and increase the opportunity for greatest return on investment.

In addition, a portfolio’s ‘productivity’ (value per investment) and ‘efficiency’ (optimum ‘value to risk’ ratio) can be determined to enhance strategic decision making.

Bioscience Valuation’s portfolio management approach

  • considers all factors that are relevant for good portfolio decisions such as, e.g., a product’s sales potential, costs, profitability, development and commercial risk, strategic fit, innovation, and correlations between individual projects, and
  • is readily implementable to enable an organization to review its portfolio independently.