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R&D Risk Analysis / R&D Productivity Increase

Bioscience Valuation’s Assessment of R&D Strategy and Development Risk includes

  • R&D risk evaluation and comparison with benchmarks,
  • fine-tuning of R&D success probabilities based on

– stage of development,
– indication,
– degree of innovation,
– mode of action,
– type of molecule,

  • optimization of the development plan using decision trees, comparison with alternative development scenarios,
  • calculation of expected value jumps once development milestones have been reached,
  • applying the ‘value of perfect information’ algorithm to inform investment decisions.

R&D productivity can be increased by

  • comprehensive target validation,
  • enhanced statistical power of preclinical research,
  • improved clinical trial funding, risk-sharing agreements,
  • optimization of clinical design,
  • considering insights gained from real world evidence (e.g., patient reported outcomes),
  • engagement in personalized medicine.