In June 2020, BSV formed a strategic alliance with LaVoieHealthScience in order to enhance BSV's capabilities to communicate value. <read more here>                     In May 2020, BSV entered into a strategic alliance with FCF Fox Corporate Finance to support funding activities. <read more here>                    
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  With the dedicated support, and particularly the experienced, constructive work of Bioscience Valuation, we accomplished meaningful results that provide important new knowledge enabling our next steps in diabetes research. We sincerely thank the entire Bioscience Valuation team for their valuable and straightforward collaboration in the past year, and look forward to the next opportunity of working with them again.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Danne, Director, and Dr. Bärbel Aschemeier, Clinical Research, AUF DER BULT Hospital for Children and Adolescents


Core Services
  Financial Valuation
  Commercial Assessment &

  R&D Risk Analysis &
Productivity Increase

  Portfolio Management
  Investment Decisions
  Partnering / Licensing
  Corporate Finance / M&A

Special Expertise
  Economic Modeling
of Healthcare Systems

  Assessing the Economics
of Personalized Medicine

Comprehensive Support
  Corporate Partnership Program

  Market Model
  R&D Risk Model
  Valuation Model

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Scientific Publications - Bioscience Valuation

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