In June 2020, BSV formed a strategic alliance with LaVoieHealthScience in order to enhance BSV's capabilities to communicate value. <read more here>                     In May 2020, BSV entered into a strategic alliance with FCF Fox Corporate Finance to support funding activities. <read more here>                    
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  Through its 'Corporate Partnership Program', Bioscience Valuation has provided exceptional support in the transformation of our business model. BSV's evidence-based assessments proved invaluable for our strategic decision making as well as for preparing our corporate transactions.

Peter Llewellyn-Davies, CFO/CBO
Medigene AG


Core Services
  Financial Valuation
  Commercial Assessment &

  R&D Risk Analysis &
Productivity Increase

  Portfolio Management
  Investment Decisions
  Partnering / Licensing
  Corporate Finance / M&A

Special Expertise
  Economic Modeling
of Healthcare Systems

  Assessing the Economics
of Personalized Medicine

Comprehensive Support
  Corporate Partnership Program

  Market Model
  R&D Risk Model
  Valuation Model

Core Services - Commercial Assessment

Bioscience Valuation's Commercial Assessment covers
  • in-depth analysis of disease market, standard of care and medical need,
  • definition of target product profile (TPP),
  • forecast of incidence and prevalence,
  • detailed analysis of competitors (launched and in development),
  • a pharmacoeconomic assessment,
  • determination of a product's optimal price range and likely market share,
  • if ordered, primary market research,
  • sales forecast until patent expiry.
Core Services - Pharmacoeconomics

An early Pharmacoeconomic Assessment

  • determines a drug's incremental cost - effectiveness ratio (ICER) based on its TPP,
  • shows whether a TPP needs improvement to ensure cost - effectiveness,
  • supports management in determining a drug's market price that will likely get reimbursed.

A 'top 20' multinational pharmaceutical company asked us to perform commercial assessments for their in-licensing candidates. The client expects comprehensive analyses, adhering to the company's highest quality standards.

Our assessments provide the expected analysis that frees up the client's resources to focus on decision-making and internal communications.

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