In June 2020, BSV formed a strategic alliance with LaVoieHealthScience in order to enhance BSV's capabilities to communicate value. <read more here>                     In May 2020, BSV entered into a strategic alliance with FCF Fox Corporate Finance to support funding activities. <read more here>                    
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  I am impressed by Bioscience Valuation's very profound, analytical approach to evaluate early discovery projects. Bioscience Valuation substantially supported us in successful partnering negotiations, and it is a continuous pleasure to work with Joachim and his team.

Dr. Torsten Neuefeind, CEO Proteros


Core Services
  Financial Valuation
  Commercial Assessment &

  R&D Risk Analysis &
Productivity Increase

  Portfolio Management
  Investment Decisions
  Partnering / Licensing
  Corporate Finance / M&A

Special Expertise
  Economic Modeling
of Healthcare Systems

  Assessing the Economics
of Personalized Medicine

Comprehensive Support
  Corporate Partnership Program

  Market Model
  R&D Risk Model
  Valuation Model

Core Services - Financial Valuation

Bioscience Valuation's Value Assessment includes
  • determination of project-related cash in- and outflows, including R&D, marketing and production related costs,
  • probability adjustment of cash flows,
  • identification of a company's cost of capital,
  • calculation of risk-adjusted net present values ('NPVs'),
  • calculation of expected value increase upon reaching pre-defined milestones,
  • search for 'comparables' (e.g., market values, financial terms of licensing deals and M&A transactions).

Bioscience Valuation emphasizes assessment validity and quality as well as a clear communication of value.

A biotech company prepared itself for an IPO in the USA, a complex procedure that also involved the SEC. The process required assessments and a valuation that can be defended in a thorough due diligence process.

The company's senior management chose Bioscience Valuation because of its long-standing and well-known valuation expertise. The IPO launch was successful.

One of the largest Indian worldwide supplier of pharmaceuticals was in merger discussions with one of the 'top 20' pharma companies. Besides its generics business the Indian company was also engaged in R&D.

Bioscience Valuation supported the Indian company in assessing the value of its R&D pipeline and in communicating the value to the partner's senior management team.

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