In June 2020, BSV formed a strategic alliance with LaVoieHealthScience in order to enhance BSV's capabilities to communicate value. <read more here>                     In May 2020, BSV entered into a strategic alliance with FCF Fox Corporate Finance to support funding activities. <read more here>                    
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  Bioscience Valuation's comprehensive assessments of in-licensing candidates provide us with a thorough understanding of the opportunity, both from a scientific and business perspective.

Dr. Philipp R. Hoffmann, Senior Director Business Development & Licensing Europe, Daiichi Sankyo


Core Services
  Financial Valuation
  Commercial Assessment &

  R&D Risk Analysis &
Productivity Increase

  Portfolio Management
  Investment Decisions
  Partnering / Licensing
  Corporate Finance / M&A

Special Expertise
  Economic Modeling
of Healthcare Systems

  Assessing the Economics
of Personalized Medicine

Comprehensive Support
  Corporate Partnership Program

  Market Model
  R&D Risk Model
  Valuation Model

Core Services - Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management informs resource allocation and project prioritization decisions. In value-driven portfolio management, financial assessments that integrate strategic, commercial and R&D variables (among others) are the core of a comprehensive portfolio analysis. The advantage of a value-based assessment is that decision-makers receive information absolutely crucial to investors: the expected return on investment.

Bioscience Valuation's assessments produce recommendations that maximize portfolio value and increase the opportunity for greatest return on investment. In addition, a portfolio's 'productivity' (value per investment) and 'efficiency' (optimum 'value to risk' ratio) can be determined to enhance strategic decision making.

Bioscience Valuation's portfolio management approach

  • considers all factors that are relevant for good portfolio decisions such as, e.g., a product's sales potential, costs, profitability, development and commercial risk, strategic fit, innovation, and correlations between individual projects, and
  • is readily implementable to enable an organization to review its portfolio independently.

A leading 'top 25' pharma company wanted to review its portfolio of R&D projects and to implement an effective portfolio management process. Bioscience Valuation analyzed each project and consolidated the results reflecting various portfolio perspectives, such as, e.g., value and productivity, risk, and resource and capacity demands. Furthermore, the pipeline characteristics were investigated and pipeline gaps identified.

Based on this analysis projects were prioritized to maximize portfolio value, also considering the company's risk preference and optimum capacity and resource utilization. This effectively increased the company's overall value. In addition, Bioscience Valuation supported the company to implement a sustainable portfolio management process that involves all relevant functions and ensures a consistent analytical process across all projects.

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