We are proud of the positive Feedback we obtain from our clients.

Dr. Janakan Krishnarajah, COO/CMO, iX Biopharma Ltd., Singapore

Bioscience Valuation’s ‘Corporate Partnership Program’ provides unprecedented support for our partnering efforts; both, our strategic partners and stakeholders hold BSV’s assessments in high esteem.”

“I am impressed by Bioscience Valuation’s very profound, analytical approach to evaluate early discovery projects. Bioscience Valuation substantially supported us in successful partnering negotiations, and it is a continuous pleasure to work with Joachim and his team.”

Dr. Torsten Neuefeind, CEO Proteros

Peter Llewellyn-Davies,CFO/CBO Medigene AG

Through its ‘Corporate Partnership Program’, Bioscience Valuation has provided exceptional support in the transformation of our business model. BSV’s evidence-based assessments proved invaluable for our strategic decision making as well as for preparing our corporate transactions.”

We greatly enjoy working with Bioscience Valuation; the company’s ‘Corporate Partnership Program’ is a great offering that provides in-depth analyses of significant economic value at fair cost.”

Dr. Ulrich Jahnel, Senior VP, Head of External Innovation, Grünenthal

Dr. Philipp R. Hoffmann, Senior Director Business Development & Licensing Europe, Daiichi Sankyo

Bioscience Valuation’s comprehensive assessments of in-licensing candidates provide us with a thorough understanding of the opportunity, both from a scientific and business perspective.”

Bioscience Valuation’s unique approach to portfolio management clearly enhanced the value of our R&D pipeline.”

Prof. Dr. Klaus Nickisch, CSO Evestra Inc., formerly Head of Project Management at Bayer Schering Pharma AG

Dr. Axel Wiest, COO R&D, Merck-Serono

I like the insights gained from Bioscience Valuation’s thorough assessments that allow me to support my decisions with well-founded, rational arguments.”

I am impressed with Bioscience Valuation’s professional approach that enables us to plan future revenues and capacity utilization much better now.

Dr. Folker Ruchatz, SVP Contract Manufacturing Business, Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals GmbH

Dr. Adi Hoess, CEO Affimed

Bioscience Valuation’s services help me to communicate the value of our business to various stakeholders, including investors.

With the dedicated support, and particularly the experienced, constructive work of Bioscience Valuation, we accomplished highly valuable results that provide important new knowledge enabling our next steps in diabetes research. We sincerely thank the entire Bioscience Valuation team for their valuable and straightforward collaboration in the past year, and look forward to the next opportunity of working with them again.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Danne, Director, and Dr. Bärbel Aschemeier, Clinical Research, AUF DER BULT Hospital for Children and Adolescents

Rick Jackson, Chairman and CEOJackson Healthcare

Both, breadth and depth of Bioscience Valuation’s economic assessments as well as the company’s excellent knowledge of healthcare markets are invaluable assets for me in order to reach my goals.